Exclusively for Boys By Girls

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  • Sympathy for the Living
    Cecilie Harris's exclusive editorial for Boys by Girls called "Sympathy for the Living" featuring Caspar Smyth (Select)
  • Cardigan Kid by Cecilie Harris
    Exclusive editorial by Cecilie Harris for Boys By Girls, featuring James Aitchinson (Select) titled "Cardigan Kid".
  • Jamie Wise by Cecilie Harris
    Exclusive editorial by Cecilie Harris with model Jamie Wise at New York Model Management/ FM shot in Central Park, New York.
  • Understanding Dale by Cecilie Harris
    Exclusive Editorial of Dale Toogood (Request / Elite) by Cecilie Harris, styled by Chris Lawrence.
  • Jake Hold by Georgie Wileman
    In Georgie Wileman's second exclusive Boys by Girls editorial, she captures Jake Hold (Elite) in an urban story "He Likes Toast and Jam" styled by Hannah Elwell.
  • Brendan at NYMM by Cecilie Harris
    Cecilie Harris shot this timeless editorial with Brendan at New York Model Management titled "Where The Wind Blows".
  • Iso at Request by Cecilie Harris
    Another beautiful online editorial captured in New York by Cecilie Harris. For this story "Strike Twice" we see Iso at Request captured in some lovely Ninh and Janet Zheng designs.
  • Rich Morris by Georgie Wileman
    Presenting Georgie's first exclusive Boys By Girls Editorial.
  • NEXT GEN: Jasper Rose
    Cecilie Harris recently shot the gorgeous Jasper at Select - take a peek!