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  • Mouldings of a Young Man
    Young actor and social media influencer William Franklyn-Miller finds perpetual peace in the warmth of our galaxy's greatest star. Photography by Doreen Kilfeather. Fashion by Ciana March. Grooming by Jennifer Quinn
  • Hidden Dragon

    Hidden Dragon 06.12.2018

    In this extension to his interview in our new Autumn Winter issue 'The Dreamers', Beckett Hammond at SUPA Models is by Jade Danielle Smith in 'Hidden Dragon'. Styling by Nathan Henry. Grooming by Fabio Vivan. Interview by Brogan Anderson.
  • The Menace Diaries

    The Menace Diaries 10.09.2018

    Martins, Mackenzie and Denon at PRM Models by Jade Danielle Smith in "The Menace Diaries". Fashion by Nathan Henry. Grooming by Eiji Sato.
  • These Silent Streets
    Leonard at Stockholmsgruppen is documented by Kari Jay in the silent streets of a Scandinavian city. Fashion by Sandra Ekenstam. Grooming by Elva Ahlbin.
  • Cruise Control

    Cruise Control 13.08.2018

    Scott Camaran at Major Models photographed by Noa Grayevsky in 'Cruise Control'. Styling by Ian McRae.
  • The Insider

    The Insider 06.08.2018

    On the street of Tel Aviv, we find Anton at Brick Models photographed by Liron Weissman. With fashion by Shir Peled, you're invited into a journey of teen spirit in Tel Aviv.
  • The Sound of Summer

    The Sound of Summer 30.07.2018

    Calum Paterson at Models 1 photographed by Jade Danielle Smith in “The Sound of Summer”. Styling by Nathan Henry. Grooming by Fabio Vivan.