Why would I want to be like everyone else when I can go and do my own thing?


Agency: AMCK Models

Location: London

Zach Norton at AMCK Models is a reimagined vision of the modern boy. With eyes the shade of a tall glass of water, his youthful spirit is refreshing, yet still captivates you with a sense of nostalgic beauty. It’s vaulted in his long, curly hair - a reflection of the Nineties skater, or in his innate connection to playing the drums. The remnants of innocence melt into his effortless style; basically, he’s a pretty cool kid. Going back to Zach's sleepy hometown along the coast, Trisha Ward captures him for our Issue 11, "Imagined Songs". Alongside fellow AMCK model Jose Luis Lucero, his gritty essence radiates through the mudane Suburban streets. 
To see the full editorial, you can find Issue 11 now online and in selected stores. And a little preview is available online for your benefit as well. 
Instagram: zacharoni_cheese