I’m obsessed with musicians from the past.
Simon Skitch


Agency: Established Models

Location: London

Simon Skitch at Established Models is a little bit of a poet. He challenges the gravity force of mainstream culture, and likes to sit into the hours of the night listening the classic stars of yesterday, like Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Beatles. In his issue 10 interview feature he speaks of how our individual gravity has become disconnected and morphed into the orbit of conformity. A polite reminder of the importance of nostalgia, his melodic words radiate from his elegance.

Simon's stunning visualsl was captured by Nicola Collins in a timeless shoot showcasing his gravital freedom. A single beacon for his consumer focused generation, you'll love hearing about Simon's thoughts on society and music. Check out his feature 'Simon's Gravity' in Issue 10, or find the feature online here

Instagram: simonskitch