He's like a young Elvis Presley.


Agency: Next Models

Location: California

Actor and model Sam Evans debuted at Boys By Girls with online story Broken Shadows, introduced in a slightly haunted narrative by photographer Shaira Luna. Sam performed beautifully as a misunderstood character, shifting his body wherever the light beamed, as if he craved warmth - an opportunity or something beyond that. Known for his roles in 'Code Red', 'Moving Clouds' and 'Ditch Party', this is a young actor to watch. In our second meeting with the charming Gen Z'er, Daria Kobayashi Ritch frames him for our AW17 issue. If you're not hooked already, indulge in our beautiful image series teaser to his exclusive AW17 print feature and follow his socials for further 'all things Sam'.

Twitter: samevans57real
Instagram: samevans