With every photograph, he is increasingly honest and authentic.


Agency: Milk Model Management

Location: London

Olives Hayes was first introduced in our Issue 9 'Growing Sideways' where he took part in a personal 10-page fashion editorial "Four Lullabies" photographed by Cecilie Harris. We all develop, and the same applies to Oliver. Cleo Glover snapped Oliver for the stunning editorial "Boy Meets World" - reintroducing him at a later stage of boyhood ready to take on the world, but with his hair now fairly longer. In his latest editorial "Modern Love" for Issue 12 'Young Hearts', you meet a much more mature and aware Oliver. Photographed by Sophie Mayanne within the safe bounderies of his home surrounded by personal relics. 

Oliver has contributed to showcasing the coming of age of a modern boy over three editorial series - all shot by different photographers at various points in his life. His fair skin, red tones and green eyes encapsulate melancholia and contemplation. His maturity accepts his androgonous look - he enjoys being different, or rather correctly, himself. 

Instagram: olvxr
Twitter: olvxr