I was never comfortable being the soloist, I would rather support the person who's the soloist.
Noa Thomas


Agency: AMCK

Location: Oregon, US

Behind Noa Thomas’ beautiful face is a gentle, low-key spirit. In short, he’s the kind of boy who offers his seat on the bus - a rare find. We first met him in "Like the Wind" photographed by Sophie Mayanne. Following on from that for Issue 9 we delved deeper into Noa's youthful mind, where he opened up about his rhythmic gift of the violin, finding love at Bandcamp and growing up in Oregon. He has since walked for the likes of Dolce & Gabanna, Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger.

Noa once again impressed us with his cool aura and animating moves, when he got behind the lens for Maud Maillard in “Waltz for One”, another BBG exclusive story. We love this boy.

Instagram: noa.thomas