Can I say something about bikes again?
Max Streetley


Agency: Elite London

Location: London

Scouted at his happy place of a festival, Max entered the industry with his wheels spinning at full force by starting his journey with Louis Vuitton, followed by Fendi, Tiger of Sweden, Salvatore Ferragamo, Berluti and several other shows. Never getting caught up in the world of fashion, Max has a humorous and humble nature, with a curiosity that ponders the possibility of being as free as a whale. We all dream of a life where we can live with absolute freedom, away from the trapped minds of shadowed characters who try to control us. Max finds this freedom in riding his bike at full speed where he can forget about his troubles and just feel the wind flying past him.

Sophie Mayanne captured Max for Issue 9 'Growing Sideways' in the familiar surrounding of his home, crawling under tables, jumping over fences, strolling around his neighbourhood and riding his bike at full forces. The powerful black and white images mix with the soft coloured portraits and capture Max passionate and lively vibe. See a little preview of 'One Hundred Miles Per Hour' or get a copy of Issue 9 online or in stores to see the full feature.  

Instagram: maxstreetley
Twitter: maxstreetley