Love's Embrace


Agency: Nisch Management

Location: Stockholm

Love is not just that universal tingling in your chest, it's also the first name of a pretty cool boy from Sweden. Helena Påls captures Love Rönnlund in an exclusive stunning 10-page eitorial for our Autumn Winter Issue 11, 'Imagined Songs'. With an effortless beauty encapsulated by each wild curl, his style instantly disarms you. It's that comforting spark in his gaze; the kind warm enough to survive the harsh Scandinavian winters he has grown up exploring.

Don't just take our word for it, Love's angelic looks and floppy Seventies hair have proven to be the perfect forumula for a selection of major names including Gucci, Paul Smith and Dior Homme. He could be described as an 'all-arounder', with a passion for expressing himself creatively through music and an obvious talent before the lens.

To see the full editorial, you can find Issue 11 now online and in selected stores.