Skateboarding dreams.
Liam Gardner


Agency: Select Model Management

Location: London

We first met Liam Gardner between shows at LCM Spring Summer 2016 for our Boys To Watch series, when we discovered that skateboarding makes his heart flutter. As a quintessential British boy, that youthful spirit is not only wrapped up in each strand of his untamed hair, it filters out in his very presence. It’s that paradox of his gentle aura and effortless style that makes him so intriguing. For our issue 11 "Imagined Songs", Cat Garcia captures him in a sea of home comforts. Feel the warm flickering spirit of a small-town boy from Aylesbury in his gaze.  

We're not the only ones who think so. Having bagged the Burberry AW16 campaign, we're pretty sure you'll be seeing more of his striking look. 

instagram: generallimmy