I had to grow up very quickly.
Jose Luis Lucero


Agency: AMCK Models

Location: London

Jose Luis has that angelic spark in his look. It could be his dirty blonde hair cut with boyish precision, or his cobalt gaze that adds to his aura of innocence - or maybe it’s just the elf ears. Underneath this imagined surface, hides a more raw truth. Growing up on a council estate, he’s had his fair share of hardships, but has remained true to himself and his personal style. Jose Luis is the definition of the modern young man; unafraid to show emotion and above all, standing tall in his honesty. For our Issue 11 “Imagined Songs”, Trisha Ward captures his youthful spirit alongside Zach Norton, as they explore wild boyhood in the heart of suburbia. 
To see the full editorial, you can find Issue 11 now online and in selected stores.  A little teaser preview is available online as well. 
Instagram: _joseluislucero