Emotionally navigating your way through puberty and finding out who you actually are, I think it is a lot more difficult now. Just for kids to notice who they are and find their own identity.
Jake Leaf


Agency: Select Model Management

Location: London

For our Autumn Winter ’17 issue, ‘Tales of a new Generation’, Jake Leaf at Select Model Management serves as solid evidence of a shift towards a more inclusive, diverse outlook on growing up. While the concept of the popular crowd is suited well to the silver-screen, its reality seems to be dwindling with the rise of Generation Z. Jake is a self-confessed math-addict, perfectly happy with solving equations and striding the catwalk in equal measures.

Captured at home by photographer Sophie Mayanne, Jake's personal spaces blur into an intimate story of his personality. In the moments that divide him from the outside, whether he’s on the drums in his secluded attic or rock-climbing at his local club – these places serve as cocoons of self-preservation. Across the pages of his 12-page feature, stylist Francesca Prudente plays with crisp Autumnal layering. His ethos defines his generation – one that questions the mysterious force of the internet and its impact on not only self-perception, but mental health. "We can never escape the pressures that are put on people on social media. About how you’re supposed to look, how you’re supposed to behave or what you’re supposed to have. Just escaping that and doing what you want is so much more valuable, because you’ll feel so much more comfortable in your own skin.”

To see our online the teaser images find Jake Lead for issue 13 here. Beyond the below teaser images, the print issue is available in stores and via the BBG Shop

Instagram: jake.leaf