I like classical music. It's a bit creepy and chilled
Isaac Carew


Agency: Nevs

Location: London

Isaac Carew is that very very handsome dude at Nevs Models. The one that you would have seen shooting for Hermes, Swatch, Tatler and Reiss.

Isaac Carew gets points for making us laugh during his shoot and sharing that one of his scars is from when he was five years old and had a TV fall on him. He has also had his nose broken four times, his leg twice and some of his fingers (we started to lose count). Another random Isaac fact we learned is that he used to be a chef and worked for Gordon Ramsey. Girls, do feel free to line up now.

Read our interview with Isaac where he talks about his own brand Merci & Wild. And if you want even more of Isaac check him out in our Faces of Summer 2013 feature shot by Cecilie Harris, which includes a stunning individual feature from the same day. 

Instagram: isaaccarew
Twitter: IsaacCarew