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Felix Feltham


Agency: Nisch Models

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Felix Feltham at Nisch Management hails from Gothenburg, Sweden, and is so much more than a model; he's an artist. You'll understand what we mean when you see the wonderful creative side and his beautiful self portraiture in his collaboration with photographer Cecilie Harris in a feature aptly named "Felix" in the latest Boys by Girls issue "Lessons". The feature intertwines art with photography, combining the artist creating an artwork and being the piece of art himself with the portraits by Cecilie. 

We got to know Felix a bit better in this video interview feature, where he talks to us about his mysterious nature. As a model he moves so naturally infront of the camera creating sensitive and wistful images, as Cecilie goes back to the heart of what Boys by Girls does best, capturing the boy in his most comfortable space, at home. To view his full feature click here to by our fifth issue "Lessons".

Tumblr: Felix' tumblr