I'm ranked 24th in the world for skating
Elliot Stevens


Agency: Established Models

Location: London

Elliot Stevens is a skaterboy. Like a proper one. He is also a Topman boy and has been featured in edtorials which include British Vogue and Dazed & Confused amongst others. As photographers, we can't walk past anything without thinking how best to use a location and Elliot walks by everything pondering how he can use it for his roller blader tricks. 

We first saw him in Cecilie Harris' editorial "The 4th Floor - Chapter 1", a series exploring Elliot's youthful character through intimate and beautiful images. Also in BBG editorial "Leave The Boy Alone", which features him skating in edgy designer wear, as well as being one of our "12 Faces of Summer 2012." Elliot has appeared in two of our issues including 'A Place Called Youth', and you can see lovely extacts of his feature here.

Twitter: _ElliotStevens