Originally I was questioning our purpose and why we are here. Now, I’m understanding there isn’t really a purpose.
Callum Ball


Agency: SUPA Model Management

Location: London

Callum Ball is a little bit of a self confessed nerd; a boy who doesn't feel the need to follow the crowd, but instead embraces his inner geek to develop a much more interesting and inspiring view of the world around him. Interested in the bigger questions of the universe and mankind, Callum brought an aray of quirks to the BBG set for his cover shoot with his brother Louis. He is the epitome of the modern boy; one which can retain a cool energy, whilst embracing in a lengthy discussion about Einstein’s laws of relativity.

Callum and brother Louis appear on fashion cover of the Boys by Girls anniversary tenth issue 'Muse', photographed by Cecilie Harris at their home. Finding out what makes each boy tick in a charming interview, Callum’s quiet confidence creates a calm and safe atmosphere; which Cecilie took a hold of to create stunningly images.

Check out his full 12-page cover feature in Issue 10, 'Muse', which is still available both in stores and online here.

Twitter: callumcball
Instagram: callumcball