There’s a lot of people wanting to be ‘that’ guy, and not wanting to be themselves.


Agency: IMG Models

Location: London

Brian Whittaker at IMG Models. You may recognise him from that virtual-world of possibility, commonly known as the internet. At 17-years-old, he represents a cohort of influencers turning content into a business. Selfies are gold-dust within this paradigm; one where a name can travel like wild-fire, sticking to the minds of followers across the world. Photographed by Jade Danielle Smith, soft-shades merge with the natural background behind; in homage to pre-internet times, where none of Brian’s success would be possible. During the shoot, a crowd of ecstatic teenage girls appeared from seemingly nowhere. Imagine Beatlemania without the music – instead, Brian is the star of a perfectly-lit and curated Instagram feed.

Placed into the limelight, without a guide-book; he stands on a line defined by intuition. Despite the perceived falsity of the digital, and everything it entails – Brian is surprisingly humble, kind and fixated on the idea of authenticity. “Embracing yourself and accepting yourself, you know, just being yourself online. If you can fully be comfortable with yourself and feel like you don’t have anything to hide, you can post away...”

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