Nobody is perfect.
Bradley Philips


Agency: Milk Model Management

Location: London

Bradley Philips at Milk Model Management is an open book; and one which the BBG likes to rent out through the stories we tell. His honest and authentic demeanour sets him apart, and his great lips share his funny stories and blissful tales. Pet lover Bradley conveyed a very delicate side with office cat Tilly, as he talked us through his love for animals and his close relationship with his family.

Bradley also has quirks; those quirks which whip out a wrist onto the table and dislocates it on request to show their best party trick - bringing a series of giggles into the BBG family. Our second chapter of Bradley included a visit to his home, meeting his family and much beloved animals. His pug summers became the star of his editorial in issue 10, proving why boys and dogs make incredibly cute images. For our Spring Summer'17 issue we continue telling the story of Bradley in our fashion cover story. This time it's a much more mature Bradley that stand before us, one that has learned that imperfections are best embraced and that we all should be proud of who we are.

Find Bradley inside Issue 10, 'Muse', and most recently in the fashion cover story of Issue 12, 'Young Hearts'.

Instagram: bradleyphilips_78