I like the unannounced chill you get down your spine when you hear or see something that gets to you on another level. Or halloumi.
Ben Smallwood


Agency: Nevs Models

Location: London

Ben Smallwood at Nevs Models is a beautiful boy. Agi & Sam thinks so, Marc by Marc Jacobs thinks so, Hackett thinks so and we think so too. But Ben is more than just a pretty face, he is a talented artist as well. Creating masterful drawings and juggling whilst on set, we hope to squeeze a few exclusive pieces of his artwork for ourselves in the future or maybe even put his styling passion to use.

When Cecilie Harris first photographed a documentary portrait series with him at his East London home, it became apparent how very British he was. The kettle was always boiling and a tea was always brewing; Ben pulled out his record player and kept the good vibes rolling. We then met him a year later minus a head of hair, but with a whole lot more of that fabulous model attitude. Sophia Kahlenberg captured our new found mod in his urban environment ineditorial  "All of me". 

Twitter: BenSmallwood13
Instagram: BenSmallwood13