I thought it would be excellent to use my brain as a space where I could use my own imagination, to fill it with my own ideas.
Asbjorn Appleby


Agency: MiLK Management

Location: London

Danish born Asbjorn Appleby has that kind of laid-back charisma, and a simplicity of style that emerges from his Scandinavian roots. With a wandering mind, he’s a modern day escapist, as he explores the realm of lucid dreaming for Issue 10, in model interview "Lucid Dreams" captured by Cleo Glover. Bed-hair and that suburban Seventies look, Asbjorn has an aura of effortlessness - the kind that has impressed names such as Vivienne Westwood and Katie Eary.

In a further exclusive editorial "Yesterday's Rain" by photographer Desirèe Cremona, he drifts through open spaces; refusing to fall into the abyss of modern life. The cigarette in his hand gently burns towards his fingertips, as his thoughts get caught in the breeze. Because Asjborn knows to wander is not to waste, to wander is to discover.

Instagram: asbjornappleby
Twitter: asbjorn_appleby