We don’t have to communicate very often, because we already know.
Connor and Max Haddadin


Agency: Wilhelmina Models

Location: Los Angeles

Connor and Maxwell Haddadin are one and the same. The identical twins born in Laguna Beach have been deemed the typical ‘Californian Beach Boys’, coined the Haddadin twins, making their mark in the modelling world. Featured on Boys by Girls in ‘Seeing Double’, an editorial photographed by Nicola Collins and remarkably styled by Nicola’s very own identical twin Teena Collins - the story was uniquely one of a kind.

While their lives are so intimately intertwined and the boys are so inexplicably similar on the outside , there’s no doubt these boys are exceptional individuals in their own rights. Growing up immersing his childhood in surfing and competing, Connor was all about the sports while his brother Maxwell favoured more artistic based avenues such as photography, drawing and art. They nurture a sacred relationship full of respect and understanding, and one which is propelling them in the fashion industry with great support and guidance from what is essentially their other half.   

Max's Instagram: mvxwxll
Connor's Instagram: connorhaddadin