The image of masculinity is softening and getting better, you know. i cry in public and i don't give a fuck, but i think there is still a large part of the world that holds on to this sort of broken and armoured vision of masculinity that is very damaging.
Connor Jessup


Location: Canada

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Canadian actor Connor Jessup pretty much grew up on film and TV sets. In an 8-page feature in Issue 12 ‘Young Hearts’, photographed by Dani Brubaker, he opens up about what it was like growing up acting, and recently also getting his hands into directing.   

Stretching his talent across horizons Connor starred in the hit show ‘Falling skies’, and can currently be seen in drama series 'American Crime'. Connor's talent to create impactful moments for us all to be impacted by, makes him one of the most interesting actors around. To learn more about Connor, make sure to check out the preview online and the full editorial in issue 12