If only I could be half as cool as my dad.
Cole Sprouse


Location: Los Angeles

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As one half of the hit TV show 'The Suite Life of Zach and Cody', Cole Sprouse grew up under the dizzying glare of fame. After years spent on a set, Cole stepped away from the limelight and has since outgrown the 'Disney Kid' persona. Now coming back to our screens, this fall he will be starring in new TV show "Riverdale". Our meeting with Cole was impactful. With his mature approach to life, and too much wisdom for such a young soul, he managed to create a meaningful impact for each person in the Boys by Girls team. When this happens, you know you are dealing with someone really special.

Cole's aura comes to life across ten pages in our Autumn Winter '16 issue, in stunning images crea. As powerful as his words and view on life, his persona encompases everything beautiful. With a passion to create something stunning, impactful and authentically meaningful, it will be interesting to watch this talented young man in years to come. In his exclusive feature, you get an honest insight into the world of Cole, what has shaped him and the man he is becoming. You can take in the full experience of our encounter with the talented actor by getting a copy of iissue 11 "Imagined Songs", which is now available to purchase in stockists worldwide and via our online store

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