Thomas T provides some very tempting healthy eating tips. Tested and tried actually after he started sharing during his last shoot with us! It's yummy....

I am 20 years old and have been doing the modelling thing here in London since the start of this year. What I focus the most of my time on in between running around for castings and shoots, is living a healthy lifestyle.

As a model you are supposed to have great skin and fit into every item of clothing that gets thrown your way, which can be a bit hard sometimes. That’s why I have a strong focus on living as healthy as I can. I usually do powerwalking every morning for about 1 hour and keeping away from fast-food (too much sugar). I’m into Low GI, protein and healthy fats food. 

The Boys by Girls girlies told me to share one of my breakfast recipes, so here it is!

Thomas T's yummy breakfast:

250 ml Semi skimmed milk
Chopped banana
Top it with some Granola

You can also add any other berries you may have. Mix it all in a bowl and you have yourself a healthy and delicious breakfast!

In addition to modelling I also work at Snog, which is another guilt-free snack I would recommend.

If people want some more suggestions on some yummy, but healthy meals, we are pretty sure we can convince him to share some more with us all.

We also thought it would only be right to include an image from our "Boys by Girls" shoot with Thomas to show a bit of his fitness. Yeah.

We have more hot images of him coming our very soon in Client Magazine's Pin Up Boys, so keep an eye out for some hotness.

Thomas T healthy eating tips