Whilst we are seeing a lot of great posts these days with images from the LFW shows, we thought we'd take a look instead at what the boys are doing when they are not on the catwalk or running around like headless chickens to castings and fittings. What do they do to cope with the stress of a very busy time? The answer is - the Model Sanctuary! (And please read that with a tone of jealousy if you please)

Every season when London Fashion Week comes around we get slight jealousy issues of the models taking part in fashion week that gets to utilize what seems to us unknowing souls a place of retreat, free food, massages, goodies and a whole lot of very beautiful people! It was originally set up by Erin O'Connor as a sanctuary where models facing the fast paced schedule of international fashion weeks can relax and recharge and seek unbiased advice in a private space from a diverse team of professionals. It focuses on models' health and wellbeing. 

Again, can't say enough times that this sounds just absolutely fab, and the amount of times we have to listen to models talk about the wonderfulness of it drives us a little crazy. But we are all for our boys being spoiled a little!

To celebrate the end of fashion week and feel that we got to join in on it at least a little bit of the fun, we got some familiar faces to send us some of their Model sanctuary photo booth images.

Igor at Select looking rather adorable showing off his tattoo, physique and cheekiness all in one go. Impressive Igor.

He says: "The model santuary is where models come to relax from the hard work. .... lol can't think of anything else.... 'madd hangover"

More Igor.... cause you know, he can. Frankly we'd have a few visits to the booth as well if we had a chance.

Jeremy Owusu-Ansah Boateng (D1), Dudley O'Shaughnessy (Next) &  Jamel Gordon Lynch (Models1).

Jeremy: "The sanctuary is a cool relaxed place where models can chill, get pampered and last but not least... PIG OUT!"

M+P boys Cooper, James Cox and Elliott Greenleaf.

Cooper: "The Model Sanctuary is the ultimate place to relax and indulge during the fashion week rush. I especially love the girls who run the gym and the yoga instructor has been brilliant."

Max (Boss/D1)

Max: "Free facials, food, and fit boys and girls. What's not to love?"

Jay (M+P) and Charlotte.

Xulin (D1), Harry and Rob.

Xulin: "The model sanctuary is the ultimate hang-out. Yeh I had a really good time with great people, free food, chilled out vibe with lots of activities to do there!"

Alex P and Deano at D1

Alex: "If it wasnt got Erin models wouldn't have a voice in lLFW. We owe alot to her. A models role model"

It’ a sanctuary!