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  • Temporary Homeland

    Temporary Homeland 29.07.2016

    Bogdan Romanovic at Karin Models opens up about his new positive outlook on life. Captured in Paris by Daria Svertilova.
  • The Colouring Book

    The Colouring Book 20.07.2016

    Gustavo Sanches at Fusion Models New York/Specimen Model Management is captured by Vic Lentaigne.
  • The Boy Who Didn’t Believe In Time
    We chat to Leo Hoyte-Egan at Storm Models, the philosophical boy that doesn't believe in time.
  • The Ohio Turkey

    The Ohio Turkey 06.07.2016

    Meet Chase Bash at Storm Models, as he talks about his personal journey from Ohio into the world of modelling. Instant analogue by Cecilie Harris.