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  • Marcus Sivyer

    Marcus Sivyer 07.12.2016

    A little teaser as Marcus Sivyer at Select Model Management discusses his model journey in an honest interview for our Autumn Winter 2016 issue "Imagined Songs". Images by Sophie Mayanne.
  • Tom Odell

    Tom Odell 09.11.2016

    British musician Tom Odell talks about his innate harmony with music, his new album 'Wrong Crowd' and feeling like an outsider in an 8-page cover story for our Autumn Winter 2016 issue "Imagined Songs". Photography and Interview by Cecilie Harris.
  • Silent Answers

    Silent Answers 27.10.2016

    Tate Morrison is captured in Byron Bay by Yaseera Moosa in an exclusive story and interview.
  • The Conqueror

    The Conqueror 18.10.2016

    Sophie Schwarzenberger captures Alexander Weber at Iconic Management.
  • Morning Rehearsal

    Morning Rehearsal 21.09.2016

    Axel Dagman opens up about band life, early mornings and future sights. Captured in Stockholm by Elsa Soläng.
  • Grandma’s Boy

    Grandma’s Boy 24.08.2016

    New face Jonny at Established Models stops by for an interview on his first day in London. Instant analogue by Cecilie Harris.
  • Running In My Mind

    Running In My Mind 17.08.2016

    Henry Stockdale at PRM Models pops into the office for an interview, opening up about the struggles of growing up and reflecting on the intensity of school life. Instant analogue by Cecilie Harris.
  • The Canadian Boy

    The Canadian Boy 03.08.2016

    Meet Riley Dorland at PRM Models on his first visit to the UK. Instant analogue by Cecilie Harris.
  • Temporary Homeland

    Temporary Homeland 29.07.2016

    Bogdan Romanovic at Karin Models opens up about his new positive outlook on life. Captured in Paris by Daria Svertilova.