“Some people have the ability to bring brightness into our day, to evoke emotion within and help us feel less alone. An extraordinary talent to create moments with the potential to give you an unexpected confidence simply through their performance, to get you through a challenging day or simply bring you the confidence to ask that boy or girl out. British actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster is one of these people, and he does it well - really well. “

There is no judgement when I want to have half a cinnamon bun and another half a croissant, leaving two half breakfast pastries left on the table, just so that I can enjoy the taste of both. It is met with a nod and understanding that this is simply a great idea. Thomas' friendly personality makes it comfortable to talk with honesty and ease, and he says what he feels without painting things in colours he feels it should be painted with. His stories are his, and they come from an authentic place. This makes this encounter even more exciting to share. 

Few names gets the same excited “aaaahhh” reaction, as when you mention the name of Thomas Brodie-Sangster and connect it to his performance as Sam in ‘Love Actually’. Since 2003, Thomas has become even more of a household name globally through a vast amount of stand-out roles, most recently through the 'Maze Runner' movies. And most importantly, he has grown up. This journey is the focus of our very enjoyable chat with Thomas. Weighing in with thoughts on the unfortunate necessity of having to grow up and the little pink scooter that began his obsession with motorcycles, as well as an inside scoop on what it’s like to be on set of those ‘Maze Runner’ movies with his talented fellow cast members. You also get to read about his role as a cowboy in upcoming Netflix series ‘Godless’. Gun twirling and a town made up entirely of women, we’re intrigued! 

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Photography and Words by CECILIE HARRIS
Fashion by DAVID NOLAN
Grooming by JENNIE ROBERTS at Frank Agency using Anthony - Harrods
Photography Assistant BROGAN ANDERSON

Thomas Brodie-Sangster