You can find him jumping fences, climbing trees, fixing bikes or even taking them apart; constantly occupied with the beauty he sees in the world around him. Here we give you an exciting preview of our first story inside the pages of Issue 7. We celebrate the chronicles of Sam Alexander, the Established Models boy who sparks interest in everyone he meets. For this extra special chapter we travel to Sam’s hometown of Devon to find out what’s really been going on in the depths of his complex mind.

“Did you know that when it is overcast and raining, daisies will close up to catch the water, and when it is sunny they will open up?”

Sam breaks silence in the most diplomatic way, never wasting his time on saying things with no conclusion or interest. As the interview unfolds he charms us with countless stories from his childhood and we soon learn the powers of the E Chord, and the magic behind controlling watercolours as Sam highlights his obsessions with everyday life and it's influences on his creative sphere.

Cecilie Harris never fails to capture a side of Sam that only people close to him are able to see. This 14-page intimate set of images follows Sam around his home where you can see him at his happiest; be it amongst his many brothers, taking guitars apart or simply going on a bike ride and feeling the wind through his hair.

To learn more about Sam's endearing thoughts, and the charming world of his Devon home, you can pick up a copy of Issue 7: Obsessions, which is out now in shops. Or for all  you internet lovers, you can also purchase it online here.


Words by Molly Baker.

Sam Alexander For Issue 7