Generation Z is the most open and fluid generation so far - it doesn’t try to fit in, because what is there to adapt to precisely? ‘Continuum theory’ in psychology states that normal is intricate to define, seeing as there is no clear-cut distinction between the normal and the pathologised. It's not as simple as two categories. For our limited edition third cover, a Saint Laurent exclusive, Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris captures Gen Zs Jordy Gerritsma, Freek Mol and Daniel Moritz at IMG Models, as fashion editor David Nolan dresses them in full AW17 Saint Laurent attire designed by Anthony Vaccarello.

In the traditional black-and-white Boys by Girls fashion, these contemporary boys come alive, because, no subject is solely black and white, and people - we are the most colourful. The two tones diffuse your mind and dampen the noise, and allow you to take in their idiosyncrasies and personal interpretations of masculinity. They’ve got their whole future ahead of them, and although that might appear daunting at times, they exert their lives to ponder the moment and relish what they have presently: friendship. Love and friendship are like two peas in a pod. They’re synonymous with each other, not officially in the dictionary, but these boys cement this thought through their strong comradeship. 

“The Z boys” is a cinematic narrative, which catches the boys in motion - being, feeling, believing and connecting. Now, it's tricky to attain peace of mind in an age of technology and information, today is professedly about being in constant connectivity with the world around, but are you in fact able to freeze time and be? Are you capable of looking up from your smartphone and engage with the person right in front of you? In these moments, Jordy, Freek and Daniel are. 

For more of 'The Z Boys', beyond the few teasers below, take in the full 16-page cover editorial by Cecilie Harris with fashion by David Nolan. Our brand new Autumn Winter 2017 issue ‘Tales of a new Generation’ is available to buy online and in stores now.

Photography by CECILIE HARRIS
Fashion by DAVID NOLAN
Grooming by MIKE O'GORMAN
Above intro by HEDVIG WERNER

Saint Laurent Exclusive Issue 13