Having just shot Paddy Michell (Select) for our second book "Closer" we wanted to give you a sneak peek of a few of the images. Without giving away too much of course, so these are a few of the portraits captured by Cecilie Harris. Paddy is a stunning boy with an even more stunning personality. And he's not afraid to get dirty (and by this we are of course referring to his rugby playing). We may have some images of him in his hot rugby outfit. Just sayin'...

Paddy has already graced the cover of Hero Magazine, and has also done an editorial for Numero Homme and shot with Kai Z Feng. 

One must also mention that his house is full of coasters conveniently everywhere! You know, for when you are wandering around with a glass of wine. Which Cecilie may or may not have done. Another must-mention thing was that his mum was a bit of a legend, and unintentionally gave us our title for Paddy's story. More on that in "Closer".

Check out Paddy's new Boys by Girls profile here.

Paddy Sneak Peek