It's like omgaaaaaawd, how long have we been working on our second book "Closer" and how excited are we?! Since May exactly. And VERY!

We are so ecstatic to reveal our front and back book covers with you! The AMAZE Sebastian Sauve (Premier) is gracing our front cover, captured just outside his home. On a very relaxed day, we captured him on his home territory, where he showed Cecilie his town and fave spots. Then we have the very cool Pavel Baranov (Select) for our back cover, captured at his home in London. 

The book features intimate portraits of 17 stunning and inspiring male models, shot in London, Stockholm and Budapest by Cecilie Harris and India Hobson. With this book we wanted to leave out all the fashion stuff and simply focus on the real beauty of the boys. So we shot them in their own clothes, no hair and make-up (other than what they'd normally do themselves) and in their home environment. Through all these months of shooting it has turned into our favorite way of working, and each and every model provided something unique. We can't thank the boys that took part enough for what they were willing to share with us and let us capture for this book! We can't even begin to describe how excited we are to share it with you. 

How to order - How can you get your hands on this beautiful book? By clicking here! And if you order today or tomorrow, you will even get it in time for Christmas... super convenient or what!? The book is available in hard back and soft back and is 118 pages of male goodness. 

Through the next days and weeks we will be sharing some of the content with you here on Boys by Girls and through some of our lovely friends. So keep an eye out for book extracts, and don't forget to get yourself a copy!

Words from the book:

"When I tell people I work with male models they get a picture in their heads that I hope this book completely dispels. They're not tyre-lifting, airhead hunks that only think with their genitals. They're intelligent and wholesome and heartful. Without them this book wouldn't be." India

"The journey from boy to man is an exciting one and every boy explore it in a different way. To capture it photographically gives me a purpose and a reason to shoot. It's a bit like capturing history." Cecilie

Our 2nd book ‘Closer’ available!