Stunning new face Jordan Taylor at Elite is next in line that we have shot for our upcoming book "Closer". Sometimes you come across a model that you just know you have to shoot for unexplainable reasons. Jordan is one of those models. 

In "Closer" we are looking to have a mix of top models as well as some very promising new faces, so when we came across Jordan, we knew he was one of our boys. With that stunning, angelic look we were curious to find out more about what was behind the beautiful exterior, and Cecilie Harris spent a day with Jordan to capture.... you know.... Jordan.

Presenting a little teaser here, without giving too much away (as we don't want to spoil the book too much for you), we hope you enjoy the images below. But we can say that Jordan was an absolute sweetheart and showed us some wicked skills in addition to giving us an insight into his world.

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