We saw these pictures and fell in love! The gorgeous Louis Rado (Storm) features in this truly beautiful editorial for “The Ones 2 Watch” called “Mi Ricordo”.
Shot by Kristofj and Sean, Louis looks absolutely charming in his Dalton shirt and Beyond Retro trousers and manages to encapsulate the story in one look. Stylist Grace Joel uses a mixture of vintage and designer pieces to create a timeless image that seems to have been made for Rado.
His youthful image and boyish good looks ensure that you are immediately drawn into his presence and his modelling talents and the reason why we love him are clear from the very first photo.
Louis is also joined by familiar faces Curt (Nevs), Ben Smallwood (Nevs) and Sam Bennett (Storm) in this timeless and charming story.

Louis in “The Ones 2 Watch”