So it all began with "a trip to Agi's family home in Yorkshire. His mother showed them some drawings of a clothing range he'd designed when he was four years old. It was called 'The Coolman Collection'".

Agi & Sam went back to school for their AW15 collection; literally. After discovering the ambitious designs of four year old Agi, the duo got in touch with their old primary schools and hung out with a few children to find out about their view on clothes. What did they wish clothing could do? If they were designers, what would they do? I love this about Agi & Sam. They go back into the real world - into their own worlds - and find inspiration from such simple things that perhaps the fashion world tend to overlook sometimes.

Based around puzzles and Lego, the British designers deconstructed and reconstructed coats and jackets, then handed them over to young children, who put the garments back together with Velcro. What amazing trust that is. Models were disguised with Lego masks, and primary colours flooded the catwalk. It was a refreshing and nostalgic collection that brought us back to our very first years of life; our early childhood.

It's so impressive how Agi & Sam managed to involve young kids in their designing process and still present a beautifully put together set of designs. Leather coats and trousers appeared oversized, and baggy loose jumpers were made up off block squares of colour. It seems the collection was made up of the perfect balance of work and play, making it one we can all relate to and reminisce over; yet at the same time, our older, present self would love to buy and wear any day of the week.

Amongst the Lego faced boys, we managed to spot BBG boys Aidan Ledwood at Elite London, who graced our lovely pages of issue 6, as well as Matthew Jackman at Established Models.

Photography by Sophie Mayanne.
Words by Justine Hyde-Mobbs.

LCM: Agi & Sam AW15