We introduce the charming, young Toby at Elite Models. At only 16 he has already been featured in Hero, Dazed & Confused, Under/current and ILoveFake amongst others. He is off to Paris now for Fashion Week, so we wish him the best.

First we have a little video for you to watch, then a series of exclusive images shot by Cecilie Harris. 

Thanks to designer Aaron Dowie for lending us some of his awesome clothes for this shoot (used in image 1, 2, 3, 5 left & 6). And if you think Toby's hair looks particularly awesome, that's a total collaboration between Cecilie & Toby. Yeah.

Oh and the cool music in the video is taken straight from Jonny's playlist for Elite Models. He's got taste. Also look out for Toby's funny dance move in the video. It's like.... wow.

Introducing young Toby