We are so often fascinated with people who come from a mixture of backgrounds, we feel it adds an air of mystery to the person; you want to find out more about the mystery of how such a beautiful person came into existance. For this feature inside Issue 7, photographer Barbara Anastacio focuses on 8 beautiful boys and celebrates their exotic combinations of heritages and backgrounds. We give you a little preview, but there is so much more beauty in the full story in print.

Dorian Cobb (DNA models) is a mixture of Puerto Rican, Cherokee Indian, Blackfoot and Italian and as his footprints mark the sand we are left wondering the story behind his family; how, since the 16th century, one of the most socially and culturally advanced of the Native American tribes crossed paths with a handsome Italian man and started a family. The romanticizing of travelling the world and finding the love of your life is not only an exciting thought, it is personified in the 8 boys gracing Barbara and Seymours editorial.

The brisk cold air of the beach brushes past the delicate bone structures of our 8 boys as the photos begin. Seymour Glass styles the boys in brands such as Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, and Rag & Bone, showcasing a beautiful array of winter jackets, jumpers and all things warm. Perfect for a brisk day at the beach.

See how the world is becoming a smaller place, how everything is mixing up and a new genre of stunning ethnicities are being created. Celebrate vast heritages with us and buy Issue 7 here.

Grooming Assistant ANTHONY DEL TUFO
Styling Assistants HARRY KIM and KARINA SHARIF
Models LOUIS (DNA Models), DAJE (DNA Models), EUGON (Q Models), Dorian (DNA Models)

Words by Molly Baker.

Heritage For Issue 7