Cecilie Harris recently shot with Fletcher Harrington at Nevs Models. For this shoot Fletcher was styled by Jamilah Estrianna-Toni. Grooming by Georgie Harris, Taybah Qureshi assisted.

We also have this little video to spoil you with. Cause we're nice like that.

Fletcher is a mixture of English, Scottish, Jamaican and Russian. He likes his Russian side because it's a bit of a mystery, but reckons his Russian influence is probably the shaved hair, the drinking and partying (I kindly reminded him drinking is pretty typically English and Scottish as well.. ahem…)

He didn't say "us" when asked who his favourite photographer was. We shall take away some of your ten points Mr! 

If you spend some time with him, he might tell you "the Brigton story". He says he is a softie at heart, and describes himself as random, confident and cheeky. His guilty pleasure is the Disney channel, and he also adores Jimmy Hendricks.

Cecilie seems to remember he made sure he got a chupa chup from the famous "chupa chup jar".

During our chat with him, he also mentioned he was passionate about poetry, and wrote some urban poetry himself, which he treated us to:


white lies of London

saliva covered hopes 
spat from idealistic kids with rampant dreams of canvas
shoes and guitar strings

hope not what today has to offer
but what tomorrow brings , lights that flash not just red for Roxanne
but amber and green

Fletcher Harrington at Nevs