”After a full day, coming home, take a really nice shower, and eating a really nice bowl of cereal…”

“Cereal, huh?” That’s what you were thinking, right? Well, that’s precisely what Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris uttered when she interviewed actor David Mazouz. Consequently, the young actor managed to capture the essence of issue 13. David seeks happiness in the little things in life - those that tend to mean the most at the end of the day. Small joys which hug life. For him, it figures, cereal is part of that equation.

David is perhaps best known for playing young Bruce Wayne before the age and rise of Batman on the television series ‘Gotham’, which is in full swing as we speak with its fourth season. From what David shares in his issue interview, season four will place a major focus on relationships and the testing of those. He even hints at a major blowout between Bruce and Alfred. Season three gave David the ultimate challenge - to act against himself, but with a catch, namely the evil version of Bruce Wayne, 514A. In light of David’s words, it seems that the fourth season will be going even further than previously. Photographer Olivia Locher captures his images, whilst Chloe Hartstein adds the fashion.

Masculinity has always been an essential topic for Boys by Girls, and David has a unique interpretation in comparison to most of those previously asked. According to him, antecedent, masculinity rested heavily on the notion of “honour and being noble.” He notes that the concept of the gentleman has nearly vanished and that masculinity now is a concern with physical appearance rather than noble gestures.

For more of David, take in the full young actor story beyond the few teasers below. Our brand new Autumn Winter 2017 issue, ‘Tales of a new Generation’, is available to buy online and in stores now.

Photography by OLIVIA LOCHER
Production by MITCH ZACHARY
Above intro by HEDVIG WERNER

David Mazouz for Issue 13