The wind that whistles through the trees, the air that clouds from your breath on cold mornings. Dancing around the springtime chill and soft gazes of spring light, photographer Paola Vivas creates a breath of fresh air in this exclusive portrait series for Boys by Girls Digital. A colour series with a hint of monochrome is the recipe for this spring bliss. Paola works with Huw at Models 1 to create a beautiful mix of close up and distance shots, allowing Huw to always be the focal point framed within her lens.

Stylist Rickardo Maxwell works with a mixture of brands to create light layers with a new season feeling. Lou Dalton, Levi’s and John Smedley are just a few of the brands Rickardo uses to create a modern day gentleman. An unforced ensemble, the put together still softly exudes a sense of the smart gentleman.

Displaying a great connection with the camera lens, Huw Carey takes dominance within the frames. Groomer Jess Whitbread creates a simple look enhancing the Kingston born model’s features. Unruffled hair shines in the natural light overhead a smooth yet easy expression. Guitar playing, Indie music loving Huw creates a calm melody of contemplations through the silence of still images. 

Above Left: Jacket by ICEBERG.
Above Right: Coat by LOU DALTON, Turtleneck by JOHN SMEDLEY and Trousers by OUR LEGACY.

Above Left: Jacket by LEVI'S, Jumper by NUDIE, Trousers by LOU DALTON and Shoes by DR MARTENS.
Above Right: Turtleneck by JOHN SMEDLEY and Shirt by PAUL & SHARK.

Above Left: Coat by LOU DALTON, Jumper by JOHN SMEDLEY, Jeans by LEVI'S and Watch by TRIWA.
Above Right: Jumper and Shirt by NUDIE.

Above Left: Coat by LOU DALTON and Turtleneck by JOHN SMEDLEY.
Above Right: Jacket by ICEBERG, Top by FOLK and Trousers by WHISTLES.

Portraits of Huw Carey