We were so pleased to be able to include the amaze Sebastian Sauve (Premier) in our book "Closer"!

Cecilie Harris certainly enjoyed her day in Sebastian's home town, where she got to know a mix of Seb's fave places, the local spa and see some of his playful side. There is so much more to Sebastian than his stunningly beautiful exterior! There is a playful, extremely funny, yet seriously ambitious soul behind this amazing model. If you're stuck on an island with just one person to keep you sane, Sebastian should be high on your priority list.

Extracts from Sebastian's 8-page story in "Closer":

"It was certainly a day to remember, as he showed me his home town and all the areas he thought would be great to shoot in, as well as telling me stories of the past and current days. And for those of you who already know a little bit about Sebastian, you know he is a good storyteller. " (Cecilie Harris)

I have a theory about music, and you'll probably agree; any song I've ever heard with bongos in it has been good. Prove me wrong!” (Sebastian Sauve)

Thanks to our friends at MaleModelScene for helping us preview Sebastian's story. See a couple of pages and a few image previews below. To get yourself a print copy to have and to hold click here to order.

For those who missed this video from his interview, here's a chance to see it again.

Closer to Sebastian Sauve