Sam Lawson (Select) is the ultimate British dude, and represent the perfect image of how we envision the youth of 2012 should be remembered and described to future generations.

When Cecilie Harris met him on the day of their "Closer" shoot, she immediately felt like Sam was an old friend she was catching up with.  He has a magic, chilled out way of making people around him feel at ease, and a day with Sam is bound to be a laugh and possibly include some gifts. Or perhaps Cecilie just got lucky with her fab wrist band gift. For his story, Sam wanted to be captured in his home in N1 London (apparently the best area in the world) and at his local boxing club. And so he was.

Extracts from Sam's 6-page story "My Generation, Baby":

"Sam is the kind of guy that you’d immediately want to be your best mate.  He welcomed me into his home in north London, where he lives with his family, as well as his local boxing club. Although it was the first time I had met him, it felt like I was spending the day chilling with a good friend." (Cecilie Harris)

“I'm good at singing. No I'm joking, please don't make me sing! No, I'm good at boxing.” (Sam Lawson)
Thanks to our friends at the Fashionisto for helping us preview Sam's story. See a couple of pages and a few image previews below, including a very cool video from the shoot (if we must say so ourselves). For the full story to hold in your hand in a beautiful bound book, you can get the book here.

Thanks to Alex Hepburn for lending us her sexy cover of "This Is A Man's World" for use in Sam's video. She has possibly the sexiest female voices we have heard in a really long time, and suited Sam's hotness perfectly. Check it out.

Closer to Sam Lawson