After Rory's (Elite) feature in our first book "Boys by Girls", we felt we HAD to get to know him a little better by shooting him for our second book "Closer". 

Cecilie Harris shot him at his home in London and spent a rather chilled day with him to capture some lovely imagery. She learned more about what it's like to live the model life out of a suitcase due to an immense amount of travelling, that you can find a comfy seat anywhere and that Christmas lights all year round is a good thing.

Extract from Rory's 6-page story "Kingdom Come":

"I'm not quite sure why, but I have always had an incredible respect suddenly appear when Rory Torrens enters a room I'm in. It could be that he at 21 already has five years modelling experience and that his sexy, model confidence intimidates me slightly. Or it could be the fact that he is possibly one of THE coolest models in London at the moment in my eyes. Either way his images and work speaks for itself, and he always delivers such creative and impactful images which look so effortless. He has this aura of mystery around him that any person could be jealous of, and I really looked forward to spending the day with him to capture him for this book. It's not often that you get a chance to capture someone so intimately in their own environment." (Cecilie Harris)

Thanks to our friends at Bello Magazine and Ohlala Mag for helping us preview Rory's story. See a couple of pages and a few image previews below. For the full story to hold in your hand in a beautiful bound book, you can get that here.

Closer to Rory Torrens