Pavel Baranov (Select) made such an impact on us with his presence, personality and spellbinding looks that he was very high up on our list of boys we wanted to include in "Closer".

Cecilie Harris shot him in his home in London, and in his local area. The model and skaterboy also shared his secret "best-kebabs-ever" place, and gave Cecilie a thing or two to think about.

Extract from Pavel's 6-page story "The Boy Who Sees":

"Pavel likes to learn about the world and how everything works in it. He likes to question things, challenge why we do the things we do, and he doesn't like to take things for granted. He is one of the most humble models I know, and is so grateful of the position he is in and what he is able to do in his job. The travel it enables him to do, the people he is able to meet and the experiences it brings him." (Cecilie Harris)

"Every day is another opportunity to learn something new. Every day you wake up and you see the world differently." (Pavel Baranov)

Thanks to our friends at Bello Magazine and Ohlala Mag for helping us preview Pavel's story. See a couple of pages and a few image previews below. For the full story to hold in your hand in a beautiful bound book, you can get that here.

With special thanks and love  to Mark Rowley.

Closer to Pavel Baranov