Cecilie Harris knew she had to shoot Misa Patinszki (Wam /M+P) as soon as she saw images of him online. So she simply 'had' to venture to Budapest to track him down and capture him for our second book  'Closer'.

As the perfect gentleman he welcomed Cecilie into his home and spoiled her like a princess (with a little help from his mum). It's rare to find such an honest and down to earth soul in the world of fashion, and discovering more about Misa really showed his beauty within as well as his stunning looks.

Extracts from Misa's story "The Perfect Gentleman"

"I left Misa and Hungary wanting more. More Misa. And more of his mother’s splendid traditional goulash soup. I took six chocolate snails to go. Yeah. I also named a fish after myself to leave my mark. Obviously." (Cecilie Harris)

"How would you describe yourself in three words? Reliable, helpful and a worrier." (Misa Patinszki)
A big thank you to Mens Runway for helping us preview Misa's story. Check out a couple of pages/images from 'Closer' with Misa below, and also a video from his shoot! To get the actual book for yourself or for someone else then click here to order it.

Closer to Misa Patinzki