Mr Matthew Cunningham of Nevs showed his naturally angelic and friendly ways at his casting for our lovely photographer Cecilie Harris. She was instantly drawn to his nice and innocent persona as he casually joked around with no signs of shyness. She also loved his super fluffy and unique hair which made her want to shoot him just that much more. Plus, he came with a helmet (which was strange as he walked in, just kidding!) but strangely this protection device never seemed to ruin or even slightly diminish his glorious blonde locks (he earns 10 points!).

If we were to say one thing Matthew said at the casting that stuck in our mind, was his "safety first comment", not just because it was delivered with fantastic comedic timing, but also because we support safety (no-one likes to edit cuts out of a shoot!). Check out a few casting snaps below.

Casting: Matthew Cunningham