We go behind the scenes at our two day shoot for the "Boys by Girls" book. Our photographic assistants Piera Catalano, Dorrell Merritt and Lee Joseph Elliott all helped us capture some of all the behind the scenes action. 

Jonny aka Mr. Perfect. Self explanatory really...

The boys waiting for everyone to get ready before the big group shoot. 

George, Sim & Tom. We're thinking Tom may be sharing one of his stories about chicken fillet burgers again.

Melker with Dominic & Ben T.

Daniel chilling in front of the "heater fireplace". Yep, our own little "Boys by Girls" invention.

Aaron chilling at the Ragged School Museum, which was an amazing place to shoot and provided such atmosphere for us to work in.

Melker & Harry listen to Cecilie & India say clever things.

India creates a bit of magic with Rory.

Cecilie captures Stanny is the light of the sun set. 

Jay & Jay!

Our second day schedule. Thanks to our wonderful team of creatives and production managers Cassie Gale and Terry Whitaker we managed to actually finish an hour ahead of time!

Our make-up artists and hair stylists at work.

The Ragged School Museum. Awesomeness.

We go behind the scenes