We’re born to be dreamers. With a thirst to see more of the world. We’re born to wander. And born to wonder. We’re born to explore both mentally and physically, and every generation is born to do the same. Dig out the photos from your parent's bottom drawer, and see where it took them. Great grandparents' diaries and letters in the back of the attic tell you where their feet and feelings once tread. We run to the woods to build dens, hide in the sand dunes on holiday, and dream of our adventures together. Some will come to fruition, and some won’t - but sometimes the thought is enough to satisfy our wandering mind. Through maps, through books, through binoculars and through their thoughts, Jose Luis and Zach are wandering.
As a second chapter to their Issue 11 story, Jade Danielle Smith photographs the boys like adolescent friends planning adventures of the future - this time changing the scene to Jose Luis' home turf. The light brings out a sepia tone in the images; an air of antiquity, as if we are looking back at childhood photos. Jose Luis and Zach are caught candidly and in the moment as they become lost in a map of the land. Muted tones and everyday settings evoke boys in a town where everyone knows everyone, but most people do nothing. They are misplaced, dreaming of the opportunities ahead.
Sarah-Maria Booth’s styling matches Jade’s beautifully dated imagery; with loose 90s cuts from Scotch and Soda and Blood Brother, short sleeve shirts over long sleeve tees and stripes from Stella McCartney and Acne that have no decade, we’re taken on a journey through childhood’s past. We’re wandering, wondering, and planning our adventures.

Wandering Minds

Above: Jose wears Full look by MAISON MARGIELA. Zach wears Jumper by ALEXANDER MCQUEEN and Trousers by OLIVER SPENCER.

Above left: Jose wears Top by NATURAL SELECTION. 
Above right: Zach wears Jumper by NORSE PROJECTS, Shirt by WRANGLER, Trousers by LANVIN and Trainers by SIMPLE. 

Above left: Jose wears Top by BLOOD BROTHER and Trousers by LOU DALTON.
Above right: Zach wears Jumper by NORSE PROJECTS.

Above: Jose wears Top by ACNE STUDIOS, Trousers by BURBERRY and Shoes by FILLING PIECES. Zach wears Top by STELLA MCCARTNEY, Trousers by OLIVER SPENCER and Shoes by SIMPLE.

Above: Same as above.

Above: Zach wears Top by AMI PARIS. Jose wears Top by VERSUS VERSACE.

Above: Same as above.

Above: Zach wears Jumper by BLOOD BROTHER and Trousers by OLIVER SPENCER. Jose wears Jacket by QASIMI.

Above: Jose wears Top by QASIMI.

Above left: Jose wears Trousers by VERSUS VERSACE.
Above right: Zach wears Jumper by NORSE PROJECTS and Shirt by WRANGLER.