Damaged goods that live to be damaged.

Teen leather, crimped at the seams. The stench of midnight stains your only leather jacket that was so neatly tossed on the floor. Sunlight brings you back to reality, but moonshine makes you dance. Bubblegum pops your peachy cheeks and sticks to your lipstick stained skin. You comb through your matted locks with fingertips still hurting from your nights lullabies and gather your belongings off the bedroom floor, taking to the streets. The black energy from your Chuck Taylor uniform conspires all your tribe together, but to call you angsty and misunderstood would be a cliché travesty. You are musicians that dance on life’s beats and smoke life’s problems into ash. Striking chords of change and beating notes to your frustrations, you create a youthful masterpiece.

Lukas Ionesco holds lead vocals on his life’s track. He’s the type to fly off the handle bars, lift open the bottle cap to life’s cheers and bask in his self-appointed freedoms. Photographer Claudia Revidat captures this rawness of Lukas's young years in a documentary-style editorial for Boys By Girls, in both a beautiful series of still and a fashion film. Also known as the 'Larry Clark kid', Lukas featured in the 2014 skater flick "The Smell of Us" and now sets his heart on persuing music as a member of the Parisian band, DIAPERPIN. Mixing timeless pieces by Marc Jacobs in with Yohji Yamamoto’s trends of our generation, stylist Magali Martin helps bottle up this teen spirit and serve it to everyone who eagerly ordered some. Teen spirit never smelt so good.

Photography Assistant MILAN


Above Left: Jumper by MARC JACOBS.
Above Right: Models own. 

Above: Pyjamas and Cardigan by MARC JACOBS.

Words by Charli Poster.