Hushed hours overcast with idle bones are the most honest moments of all. It's in the lazy mornings spent searching for nothing in particular, when your thoughts drift sweetly in and out of breathless memories. Tracing the unforged paths of his mind, Jake Dunn at Milk Model Management is captured by Kim Jobson. Basking in his solitude, ordinary moments become mixed up in the surrealism of Sunday dreaming. Illuminating hidden truths that had been there all along, freckles of sunlight peer into your private fortress.

Slouchy silhouettes meet practicality with accented pockets and fastenings, as stylist Gabriella Stival creates a palette of garments picked off the bedroom floor. Shades of burnt orange and dusty pinks are worn with the ease of nostalgia in modish cuts. There is no particular guidebook, only an empty page waiting to be filled. Resting his head on plush carpets, feeling his fingers cutting through each strand of greasy hair; the days come and go easily around here.

With the humming of stillness engulfing his imagination, the only distraction is the repetitive ticking of the clock - or the gentle purring of his friendly little cat. Leaving behind the cosiness of his fire, Jake sets out to explore. Roaming his winter garden, a portrait of muted tones and British chill, finding clarity in embracing his boyhood once more. When balancing on the wall of adolescence gets tiring, stretches and smiles can be a type of medicine. You begin to find fascination in simply existing; inhaling the silence surrounding you.  

Photographer KIM JOBSON
Stylists Assistant Sarah Metra
Model Jake Dunn at Milk Management

The Sunday Boy

Above: Jumpsuit by BEAU HOMME

Above: Blazer by HACKETT, Shirt by KINGS OF INDIGO

Above left: Coat by BERTHOLD, Mesh Bomber by WEEKDAY, Trousers by KITSUNE
Above right: Jacket by WEEKDAY, Polo by LE COQ SPORTIF, Trousers by HACKETT, Shoes by NATIVE, Watch by NIXON

Above: Coat by QASIMI, Shirt by OUR LEGACY, T-shirt by FILIPPA K, Shorts by JUN LI, Specs by ACE & TATE

Above: Long sleeve shirt by DIESEL, Pink shirt by QASIMI

Above left: Coat by BERTHOLD, Polo by RASCALS, Shorts by NANAMICA
Above right: Blazer and Top by JUNLI, Trousers by FILIPPA K, Jumper arounf waist by I AND ME, Shoes by GARMENT PROJECT, Specs by ACE & TATE

Above: Top by LES BASICS, Trousers by DIESEL, Leather Bracelet by NORTHSKULL, Metal Bracelet by MIANSAL

Above left: Bomber & Trousers by BEAU HOMME, Shirt by Carrier Company, Shoes by REDWING
Above right: Coat by BERTHOLD, Trousers by KITSUNE, Shoes by FILLING PIECES

 Above: Long sleeve shirt by DIESEL, Pink shirt by QASIMI, Shorts by WEEKDAY, Socks Model's Own


Ace & Tate
Beau Homme
Carrier Company
Filippa K
Filling Pieces
Garment Projects
I and Me
Kings of Indigo
Le coq sportif
Les Basics
Our Legacy

Words by Matthew Regan